FCT Erasmus [Inglés]

Our institution is a secondary school that teaches High Degrees in Vocational Education, as the Spanish system does not offer these degrees in Universities but in high schools.

We have an agreement with the authorities “Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Andalucía” for mobility.

Several departments are in charge of the programme:

Vice-director: contacts with external institutions

Job Orientation: counseling l and vocational guidance to students.

Department of English: language assessment and counseling.

Computer scienceDepartment: Monitoring and implementation of in- training abroad.

The certification of hours for our students is regulated by the rules of workplace training.

It depends on the degree, as they can be 1200 or 2000 hours degrees. The definition of the course lenth, as well as the certification is provided by the authorities and it can be seen in our web.

Similarly we follow the procedure of accreditation Europass.

- Our training is published on the website of our official center and the education the “Junta de Andalucia”.

This catalog is available in both Spanish and English. Indicar catalogo de ciclos formativos.

- The procedure for agreements and contacts between institutions, is based on a personal approach, we select schools that have a similar offers.

First, we establish prior contact with centers we visited abroad or with those visiting us through our European programme: Comenius partnership.

Secondly, once contact is established, if there are suitable candidates for abroad in-training practice, we send a commitment letter signed by the two parties, with commitment to quality and monitoring of students.

In our case, there is an institution that ensures and monitors these relationships, the Regional Ministry of Education.

- The preparation of the trips abroad, is carried out prior to the students departure with the help of the above mentioned departments (specified in paragraph c1 of this document), including a language test and a personal interview where students can discuss their Cvs and explain their reasons for applying to this programme.

Available resources are scarce because of the economic and personnel problems due to the recession, as there is no institutional support.

Still counseling sessions are held to facilitate the adaptation to the context of the recipient country, personalized for each student.

The mentoring of students abroad, and those who come to our center is done with the resources of our school. Although we do not receive any funds, we can give travel assistance, ensuring reception of mobility students, hospitality and work placements within a convenient distance.The I.E.S Camas can also offer help to those interested in the culture and social life of the town.

- Support for students who come to our centreis done with equity, so that students find themselves well integrated and live in a confortable environment.

Recognition of mobility activities will continue in the same way . There has to be a prior agreement, then we agree on Task Tracking sheets that should be send weekly and an evaluation of items agreed with the receiving institution, according to a schedule agreement between the parties.

- The school does not possess its own resources for the promotion of these programsmes, we try to assign some members of our staff to recognition activities to support Erasmus visibility

Certifications, and improvements in the management of the staff personal schedule are a demand to our authorities.

Our center promotes stays abroad through presentations to students in different degrees.

Likewise,it provides necessary assistance in monitoring and participation of these programs to students who are interested, especially in advising on preparation and technical language.

Finally, wer conduct periodic monitoring visits to other European institutions that help us find and expand opportunities for collaboration.

-The High School IES Camas deals with Higher Education Vocational Training in Advanced Expert in Sales and Marketing (General competence: Obtain and / or Develop information on the markets, products, services, prices, distribution and communication, manage action plans for the purchase, logistics, and out of products and / or services, and supervising that such plans are executed in compliance with the instructions received and the applicable legislation)

Advanced Expert in Automatic Regulation and Control Systems (Gc: Develop - based

on a set of technical specifications - automatic measuring, monitoring and regulation equipment and facilities for machines, processes and industrial applications in general), Advanced expert in telecommunications and computer systems (Gc: Develop - based on technical specifications and to the appropriate level - telecommunications, computer and audiovisual production systems, ensuring the operability and quality of the technical services provided in the conditions of standardization and technological evolution That are characteristic of this industry, coordinate and supervise the construction and maintenance of Such systems, optimising the available human and materials resources) and advanced expert in development of web applications.

One of the educational aims of the IES Camas is to offer to our students opportunities to reinforce their theoretical knowledge with the accomplishment of practices in a real working environment in other countries and to live abroad for a period of three months constitutes a wealth-producing experience at a more personal level.

Professional and academic improvement on communicative skills in another language stimulating the capacity of adjustment to different work environments. It also helps to establish intercultural links among the country members of the European Union. Thus, our institution has been taking part in Leonardo da Vinci projects as a sending partner of

students to do work placements in companies throughout the European Union, taking part in the projects promoted by the Educational Council in the Andalusian Region within the actions of Leonardo da Vinci Programme: "Andalucía con Leonardo I, II and III "," Jóvenes Andaluces con Leonardo I and II ","Eurotutores I and II" and "Programme Erasmus" 2006, 2007 and 2008. At present, our center supports contacts with the institute of the Low Saxony BBS Soltau for the mutual support in the mobility of the pupils of both centers.

In this context, teachers of the IES Camas preparatory already have realized stays in Hannover (Department of Education of the Low Saxony) and Soltau in order to know the German educational system and to establish contact with German companies that could receive our pupils in training, resolving the tasks and activities, evaluation and follow-up of the above mentioned pupils. Likewise we have received the visit of our German colleagues from Soltau with the same aim.

The IES Camas requests the renovation of the Extended Erasmus University Letter for the complete period until the year 2020 as an indispensable instrument to continue giving response to the need of our student body to be trained in Europe. The renovation of the University Letter Erasmus, will continue being widely spread among the whole

center of our educational community: teachers, pupils, school board, town hall, etc. and across the web page of the center, and for the publication in bulletins, circular letters, informative magazines, groups of work with the professorship, as well as by means of the participation in courses in which there are shared experiences of mobility and example of good practices. At the beginning of every year, meetings of information and motivation by the student body on the possibility of realizing FCT's module abroad, are being realized.

-Visits will be realized to the organizations of reception in the Countries of destination to select the companies for practices and to resolve the specific Formative Program for every pupil. The criteria of evaluation and follow-up and the activities and tasks to be realized by the beneficiaries in the course of the period of practices will be detailing described.

The IES Camas and the companies will sign an official agreement of collaboration for the student body realizes that the module of Formation in Centers of Work in which the conditions are detailed. There will be designated to labor tutor who will be the person in charge of doing the follow-up and completing the notebook of practices of the beneficiary and the document of Europass Mobility.

-The impact can allow our center to participate in European programs, we can summarize it in:

Increase the number of higher education graduates, for example in another degrees of Telecomunication, Marketing and Application development;

Improve the quality and relevance of teaching and researcher training, to equip graduates with the knowledge and core competences transferable they need to succeed in high-skill occupations, by interships between teachers.

Provide more opportunities for students to gain additional skills through study or training abroad, and to encourage cross-border co-operation to boost higher education performance.

Strengthen the "knowledge triangle", linking education, research and business and

create effective governance and funding mechanisms in support of excellence, by training placement in bussiness working places intership.